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Restful nights, peaceful mornings, easy midday naps, all of these are on the horizon with Essbar’s Rest collection.

Naturally flavored and sweetened gummies make for a gumdrop-like treat that will help ease your mind into sleep wherever you are. The full-spectrum CBD tinctures in this collection are combined with MCT coconut oil to improve overall brain function during sleep. The tincture comes in a single-ounce dropper, making it easy to pack as a travel companion to mellow thoughts through turbulence or help catch up on rest during red eyes.


Wherever you lay your head, add instant comfort and peace with the Rest collection.

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When you’re in need of a relaxing boost of energy, Essbar’s Recharge collection has you covered. The Recharge tincture and gummies both have 20mg of full-spectrum CBD combined with Delta-8 extract and a blend of essential oils to leave you feeling ready for the next task on your list or prepared to conquer the day without having to wade through noisy thoughts or distractions.


Keep the gummies in your bag or car for a boost whenever you need a calming and motivational moment to get you from point A to point B.


Whether you wake up with a tightness in your neck that not even a hot shower can help you shake or are treating post-workout soreness in your muscles from a harder than usual gym session, Essbar’s Relief collection has two products to ease discomfort. A single Relief gummy offers an easy way to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. Just pop one in your mouth after leaving a training session or getting home from a run to ease into comfort. The Relief cream helps address more targeted areas and sinks into the skin to break down strained muscles starting at the surface.


With two naturally derived ways to achieve relief, you’ll find yourself more eager to be active.

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