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Essbar CBD Relief Collection
  • Whether you wake up with a tightness in your neck that not even a hot shower can help you shake or are treating post-workout soreness in your muscles from a harder than usual gym session, Essbar’s Relief collection has two products to ease discomfort. A single Relief gummy offers an easy way to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. Just pop one in your mouth after leaving a training session or getting home from a run to ease into comfort. The Relief cream helps address more targeted areas and sinks into the skin to break down strained muscles starting at the surface. With two naturally derived ways to achieve relief, you’ll find yourself more eager to be active.


    May cause euphoric effect - results vary. When operating heavy machinery, please use extreme caution, including driving a vehicle.

    Essbar CBD Relief Collection


    Cream: Apply a finger tip amount on the affected area at least 30 minutes before sleep


    50 ml / 1.69 oz / 2000mg CBD



    Gummies: Do not exceed (1) a day


    10 Count / 26mg CBD / 145mg D8

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