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Why We Use More of the Plant

We use CBD as the base for each of our products due to its naturally-derived relaxing effects that come without a sense of euphoria commonly attributed to THC. However, many aren’t familiar with the other cannabinoids that can be utilized when crafting high-quality CBD-based products to heighten the user's experience. We strive to use more of the plant by combining CBD with other compounds found in the hemp plant to target more specific concerns with our product offerings like CBN and CBG, two other active cannabinoids found in research-based hemp plants.

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Essbar aims to provide the community with the tools they need to find peace in mind and body through the highest quality full-spectrum CBD and naturally derived products on the market. Artfully crafted for those who work hard, play hard, and deserve to rest and relax just as intensely at the beginning and end of their day.

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As more of us start to incorporate CBD products into our daily lives, it’s important to ingest it in pure forms with ingredients that are just as good for your body as the CBD itself. With Essbar products, you don’t have to worry about artificial colors, flavors, or chemical additives. Each product is made with full-spectrum CBD and a combination of natural flavors from fruit extracts and essential oils. The differing collections use supplements like melatonin, MCT oil, and other extracts to balance the effects of CBD and deliver varying levels of rest and relaxation. We work to craft products with a vision for a future that provides CBD products for those looking to ease anxieties and stressors from their lives while still being active and present participants each day.

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As a luxury brand, Essbar is here to resolve the common misconception that CBD products don’t work or deliver results in terms of relaxation, rest, and relief.  


Through extensive research into the benefits of CBD through use of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant, our team has crafted full-spectrum CBD products that use the highest quality ingredients available.


With Essbar products in your arsenal, you can explore the benefits of CBD usage safely and comfortably through our top-shelf gummies, tinctures, and other product offerings. 

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Each of our products are tested and reviewed by SC Labs, a leader in CBD testing to ensure quality and standards of purity prior to distributing certifications.  

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Essbar is a proud partner of Noah Inc., a smokable hemp cultivator that puts expertise and transparency at the forefront of their brand to provide consumers with high-quality products cared for from seed to shelf.

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As leaders in the CBD industry, we aim to educate our consumers on not only product usage and ingredients but also the socio-economic impacts of hemp as a whole. To honor that goal, we will be producing and sharing content that highlights hemp injustice, CBD best practices, and economic statistics.

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