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CBD Recharge Tincture Helps Improve Speech and Focus in 4-Year-Old

My daughter is 4 years old and she has been having difficulty speaking. After seeing multiple doctors, and daily therapy and not getting the results we expected, we did some research and found out that CBD can help kids with focus. We decided to give it a try and ordered the CBD Recharge tincture from Essbar.

She has been taking it every morning for a month now and we are seeing significant improvement in her speech. Even her teacher said that she has a lot more energy and her vocabulary has increased significantly. She is resting better during the night, and although she never had sleep issues, I believe she is maximizing her sleep better now. We are very happy with her development so far and we are looking forward to seeing more long-term benefits. From our experience, we highly recommend Essbar Recharge

- Dana


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