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CBD for Pain Management and Faster Healing: A Lipo360 Patient's Experience

I recently had a procedure done (lipo360) after I completed the prescribed medicine I knew I was going to need something else to relieve pain. I wasn't sure if CBD would be of any help with this type of procedure, but it has helped tremendously! I was having lower back pains I believe due to the way I was sleeping the first week trying to get adjusted. When I ordered the relief cream I applied it all over my back, stomach, and sides and laid back for a while.

Overnight I felt various reliefs throughout my back, kind of hard to explain lol. When I woke up I felt a difference my body didn't seem so tight! With the lymphatic massages I receive and using this cream I feel amazing and my doctor said I am heeling amazing and fast! The scent is very mild and it hasn't stained anything I have worn yet. I also purchased the relief gummies. I am a gummy fanatic, these have just the right amount to relax and you and focus you.

There is no munchy graving for snacks, nor is there any morning after sluggishness. Most gummies I have tried have me eating all my snacks, and lazy the next day. These won't do that to you trust me. If you are wondering if this is for you, it is! This is your sign to purchase these products and give your mind, and body the relaxation it needs.


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